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Seminaria Zakładu w roku 2019/20

Poniedziałek 9 grudnia 2019 roku, godz. 14.15,
sala C-2-10 Wydziału FAIS UJ, Łojasiewicza 11

Petr Pauš, Radek Richtr
Czech Technical University in Prague


Digitisation of a historical city center. Dowry towns of the queens of Bohemia

In cooperation with the Institute of History and the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Hradec Králové, we work on the digitization of the historical city center. Our goal is to create a platform for storage and presentation of the digital data (i.e., 3D models, textures, desktop and mobile apps). The contribution deals with the problems arising during the development (such as server back-end solutions, front-end difficulties, etc.) and also with automatic model modification according to the weather, season, daytime. The application for mobile phone uses the Augmented reality technology for displaying 3D models. The desktop application is a Virtual reality application containing an editor for the city design. The project is still in quite early stage. Therefore, we would like to present our ideas and discuss other possibilities.


Poniedziałek 18 listopada 2019 roku, godz. 14.00,
sala C-2-10 Wydziału FAIS UJ, Łojasiewicza 11

Dr Víctor Rodríguez Fernández
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Automated Methods for the analysis of time series data from training Operations in an Unmanned Aircraft System