Data science is an exciting discipline that allows you to turn raw data into understanding, insight, and knowledge.
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Data science is undoubtedly a very hot topic nowadays. The prestigious Harvard Business review called it even “the sexiest job of the 21st century”. We are gathering more and more data, and companies are struggling to use it effectively. While progressing automation will replace more and more jobs by computers running sophisticated algorithms, there is and there will be in the near future an increasing demand for people with good data skills to develop and deploy those algorithms. That’s why we propose you a learning path consisting of three courses:

You will learn how to acquire, clean and validate the data using Python programming language. How to do an exploratory data analysis and test hypothesis. You will also learn how to fit machine learning models to the data, make predictions and test them. We will show you how to train neural networks.

We cannot promise you that attending those courses will make you automatically a Data Scientist. However, we can give you a good basic knowledge and skills as well as overall orientation in this exciting new field. We believe that this already will significantly increase your chances of getting a good job and your earning potential.

All the courses will be given in English and laboratory based using modern Python frameworks. A course in statistics and/or probability calculus is a required prerequisite as well as any course in programming. We do not assume an extended knowledge in any of those topics and we will do our best to provide a gentle introduction. We do however expect you to work hard – “No pain, no gain”.

Take your time to study the course outlines and we hope that we will meet you next year in class!